Introducing our IB Online teachers - meet Essi Hillgren


Tell us a little bit about yourself

My background is in sustainable development and regional studies. My enthusiasm is to make the world a better place and experiment new things. Development projects are one way to do that and that’s why I have been working in the “project world” over ten years now.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Hmm, I actually haven’t decided that yet! It just happened! As I said, I like to experiment new things and when I got the opportunity to teach, I wanted to do it and see how it goes. I’m not the teacher who is just giving lectures, I like to have discussions with students and learn how they see things. I believe in the method “learning by doing and discussing”.

What do you teach?

In IB online my topic is project management. Other topics are related to sustainable business and circular economy.

What do you like about teaching in IB Online?

I think having students of various backgrounds is the best spice in this. Students are highly motivated, independent, and unprompted which makes teaching meaningful and teaching in English is always exciting.

What can I expect from your class(es)?

Your learning is shared responsibility. I can support you on your way, but you need to be active and also remember to say or ask if things are not clear enough. I’m happy to help and guide but I can’t make you learn.

What is your teaching style?

Learning by doing. Of course, the basis will be created in lectures but most valuable things you will learn is by doing them yourself.

How can I do well in your class(es)?

Be active, I think that is the most important thing. Ask questions, start discussions, disagree, these are very important aspects in learning for you, for your classmates and for me.

If I ever have troubles understanding the learning material, can I get in touch with you for a one-on-one teaching session?

For sure! Do not hesitate to contact me.

Have you learned something from your students (in IB Online)?

YES! e.g. how to give and receive feedback.

In a lighter note, share with us some fun fact about you.

I like teaching even though I’m out of my comfort zone when I’m performing, I’m a heavy user of coffee, I love to make firewood logs and I’m hooked on winter swimming.


Essi Hillgren Essi Hillgren Essi Hillgren