Introducing our IB Online teachers - Meet Pia Lindgren


Tell us a little bit about your background and work experience.

I am a language teacher by education and also in profession. I have over 30 years of experience in teaching and training English (Business) Communication as well as Swedish and also Intercultural Communication. I have had and still have other hats/roles too. For example, international coordinator, tutor, thesis instructor.

Apart of my degree in linguistics, I have a business degree, so business related communication is what I concentrate in.

I have had various groups from teenagers to professional businesspeople at their workplaces. The oldest student ever was almost 80 years old! She wanted to learn Swedish just to avoid dementia!


Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Languages were my strengths already in school, I knew what I wanted to study and knew that I did not want to become a researcher. I need people around me!

What do you like about teaching in IB Online?

I like the challenge to learn new technologies and online teaching even if I’m not so keen in it. Students in IB are very motivated and they have so much prior experience in international encounters.


What can I expect from your class(es)?

I try to make my classes up to date and with genuine cases from working life/business. I expect that students follow the media themselves and contribute in their own way


What is your teaching style?

Activity counts! I try to make the assignments so that learners can use their own prior knowledge and skills. Connection with working life is always present. Tasks are concrete and they prepare you for working life needs. I also expect that students use the material given.

Material that I give is just the start, I also urge to have the eyes and ears open for everything and other sources of material. Practice is also important, as one does not learn communication only in the classroom.


How can I do well in your class(es)?

Activity and making real effort do make a difference. I understand not everybody is an expert, but everybody can try their best.


If I ever have troubles understanding the learning material, can I get in touch with you for a one-on-one teaching session?

Absolutely – but of course in certain limits. No private lessons but support is available. I try to react to all contacts very promptly.


Have you learned something from your students (in IB Online)?

So much, especially when sharing the intercultural experiences!


In a lighter note, share with us some fun fact about you.

Many people make a joke about my name Pia – some say it comes from Pain In the A… 🙂 but I would say it is more of a friendly push to your derriere… Meaning that I give support, sometimes also quite directly for the students’ own benefit! I use humor but I expect that that students do their job.