Digital Competence – The Key to Success


If you are not completely sure what and how you should be studying, what skills employers are looking for and how to use your time in the most efficient way, then you found the right place. In this blog post I have collected answer to important questions regarding digital competence in connection to Turku University of Applied Sciences modern online education.


Adapting to employers needs

Digitalization has made such a large impact on working life that almost every job today requires some level of digital competence. Simultaneously, globalization has increased the competition among job applicants making standing out of the crowd even more difficult. As working life has changed so profoundly it is essential for education to adapt to the demands of working life and its competition. Online education at Turku UAS is doing exactly that, simulating real working life with modern education and offering you digital competence as a coproduct to your actual degree – offering you a way to stand out, offering you keys to success.

Being digitally competent and having something to show for it might not only make your daily work tasks possible, but it can also be the distinguishing factor in your CV. Furthermore, digital knowhow can enhance your professional life to endless possibilities and keep you on track with the evolving technology.

When thinking of how well you could have performed the answers are endless. Regarding the last point, the predictions regarding the future with digitalization, globalization and automation are quite clear.


How online education develops digital competence and what are the requirements?

Digital competence might be an intimidating term for some, and it might be just the thing which makes you question online education as if it would be more difficult. I’m happy to say it’s very convenient as a student as it offers a lot of freedom and time to adapt to the new way of learning.

Also, required digital skills when beginning the studies are almost nonexistent. Student must have a computer and an internet connection to use – that’s pretty much it. Not only will the orientation in Turku UAS help you get started but there is a whole support network consisting of teachers, tutors, courses and fellow students which which will push you to the next level with your digital competencies. Also, keep in mind that digital competence is a skill just like any other and can be mastered by daring to try.

Base line is set in orientation along with certain software installations and after orientation is complete assessing/teaching (depending on your level) digital competence will continue through the first semester of your BBA online studies. After the first higher educational studies course your digital competence will still keep advancing but as a coproduct of different tasks because due to completing them online.

As you might be wondering where and what to study, I challenge you not to allow yourself to accept anything less than the most modern education which conforms most with tomorrows ways of working with skills that can be put to practice from day one.

More information about the degree and joint application can be found on Turku UAS’ webpage.


Authors: Ronnie Frisk & Antti Kettunen, IB Online students