“Oh wow, what a semester. Now it seems like its ending. Or could I spend a part of this upcoming summer vacation by advancing my studies somehow?”


End of the spring semester

The spring semester is coming to an end and soon it is time to have a little break, to recharge batteries and to turn your attention to the upcoming academic year. All the courses will end by end of May. However, there is also a broad list of summer options available for IB Online students! If you want to contribute to your own studies, click HERE and check out further info from Messi!


Summer courses at CampusOnline

For IB Online students the option to study is available during summer. CampusOnline offers you online courses by Finnish universities of applied sciences. If you lack a few ECTS, why not click HERE and check out the available summer studies! Turku University of Applied Sciences offers summer studies as well and for further info, consult with your teachers and tutors!


Work and practical training

If you want to get your practical training done, you can do it during the summer! Sites to search for summer jobs are for example Oikotie, Monster, mol.fi and LinkedIn! Don’t miss your chances, get active and get your dream career started during your studies!


Socializing and networking

In the midst of your studies and working with your career you might want to lay low and kick back every once in a while. There are roughly 40 000 other students strolling around the streets of Turku, so be sure to join your local student union – TUO – and start networking during socializing!


After summer

Whatever the way you choose to spend your summer, take care to remember the dates when it is time to get back to school. The autumn semester starts usually in the end of August. All the necessary information is sent to your student email few weeks prior the studies begin.



For any studies related questions, first check the information from Messi HERE. For summer studies, keep up with CampusOnline.fi and download Tuudo app to stay up to date with your schedule. For further job listings, search Oikotie, Monster, mol.fi and LinkedIn! For networking, be sure to join TUO and remember to read your student email even during the summer months!

Have a nice summer!


Author: Anniina Medeiros, IB Online student