Meet the Renaissance men, Jurre


Hi, my name is Jurre, I’m 34 years old and I’m currently working and living in Turku, Finland but, I’m originally from Netherlands.

jurre and art

I have lived in several different towns and cities, and I have traveled throughout Europe because I think it is important to broaden the mind and meet new people with new and old ideas and strive for a less dualistic approach.

Professionally, I’ve done about any odd job that there was around, and they have built me and given me a broad set of experiences that have been useful in life. I used to work a s a quality supervisor and Human Resource manager at a service company in Turku. However, just before the pandemic, I resigned and took a part-time job supervising a team in a private hospital.

I have also persuaded several studies such as Law, Sociology, and a bachelor’s in art! An old dream of mine was to open an art center with café, library, studio and exposition/gallery space. I actually did a minor in business entrepreneurship and this was partially the reason why I chose this degree program at Turku UAS. Art, creativity, and the ability to know HOW to look is important to analyze any business situation etc.

Another reason why I decided to apply for IB is because it was the answer to a big interest of mine: Human resources. Other bonuses were that it is fully online so it won’t bound me to any location, and I can learn everything in English. Hopefully I’ll soon find an interesting internship position and after that a better job position.

The degree program has taught me more about organizational behavior and to understand the different organizational structures within my company. It also helped me to put my own observations and conclusions in a more professional context supported by business theories. I have learned so much about the bigger picture of a business and the cohesive functioning, like the grand design. The broadness of Marketing and CRM in our digital age are very interesting indeed.